The Best Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

To ease your emotional distress and help you pick a dynamite gift, I thought I’d go over best last minute birthday gifts for her. When you actually give somebody a gift, they open it like, it feels incredible. The problem we have as men most times is knowing what gifts to get that lovely lady or that woman in your life, combined with the pressure of a great gift with the lack of available funds, and it can make the gift selection process downright stressful.

Handmade Jewelry

I’m not talking about you breaking out the macaroni like you did for your mom back in the day, I’m talking about going to some type of shop, antique store or farmers market. They always have a ton of people selling handmade jewelry, go and grab something amazing, talk to the artist because a lot of times the best gifts come with those that have stories.

A Bath and Body Gift Basket

You can always go with one of the prepackaged gift baskets that they sell in those stores, but I would say, try and do something a little bit more creative by mix matching gift package together.

A Pedicure

Everybody loves a pedicure and it’s pampering. It’s special; it makes them feel like a queen. So go ahead and give her that special pedicure treat for her birthday.


Amazingly soft supple slippers can be a good gift for her birthday in the last minute.

An Amazing Scarf

Gentlemen, scarves are another one of those things that are great as a last minute birthday gift ideas because they’re not expensive, they’re super soft. Just make sure that she’s not allergic to anything because that could definitely kill the gift if she puts it on.


If she is like most women I know she probably likes wine. A great idea is to get her wine accessories. You could do something like a narrator, a decanter or some of those wine glass charms. Wine glass charms with these little things that go around the stem.

Accessories for Her Phone

Sticking with the whole accessory theme, how about accessories for her phone, maybe a cool lens so her selfie pictures can look even more radiant and ravishing or a cool case would be a good gift for her birthday. If she’s got a pet, you pop a picture of old Sparky on that case and give it there.

Gift Cards

I’m not the biggest fan of giving gift cards as gifts, because for me it shows a little bit of like you didn’t really try that hard, but there are some occasions where they’re great. There are two gift cards, though from experience I know are dynamite, and that is where she buys makeup. So if you have a place where she goes to regularly shop for makeup and beauty products, this is always great. Or a shoe store.


A gift idea you can get her in the last minute that is not going to break the bank, but is definitely going to help. You win the holiday season if she is a pet get her pet as a birthday gift. If you get her pet, you win everything else she gets; it doesn’t matter because you are a savage and know the appropriate way to her heart.

Gentlemen, if you’ve got a great birthday gift idea for her in the last minute, please drop them down in the comments, let’s start listening.

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