Gifts for Women Who Love to Travel

The malls have already set up the giant tree inside. The shops are already decorated in red and in a little while the good old man arrives to take his chair in the mall closest to your house. Well, the end of the year is coming and Christmas is coming with it! Whether you are looking for gifts for Christmas or birthday gifts for her there is always something cool to give to women who enjoy traveling.

Christmas is very close, literally no more or less and we will be in the rush of the end of the year. Here comes our golden tip for you that want to give a list of useful and surprising gifts for those who do not see the time to embark again, to that friend or relative who loves to travel

Below we show some of the best gifts of affordable value. But with so much cool stuff, we decided to expand and create a complete list of cool gifts to give this Christmas or any time of year.

Travel Mirror

If the recipient needs to constantly shave or slap his makeup while traveling, this mirror is for them. Portable, do not break and do not yet fog!

Neck pillow

This neck pillow is for those who enjoy traveling in style and, of course, have no space problem!


For a great price you can buy a package of this product. This glue is moldable and turns rubber, maintaining a good elasticity. Great for saving charger cables, creating cable holders, creating a GoPro holder (or even saving a holder), and repairing a broken suitcase. Basically your imagination is the limit for your use. It is possible to buy by the It is possible to buy by the company’s website Sugru.

Portable Adapter

The traveler of his life will never again suffer loss, nor spend money on this indispensable but almost always forgotten item. The universal adapter will ensure that all cameras, cell phones, laptops and tablets are recharged regardless of the country in which they are, being one of the best gifts to give to someone who loves traveling.

Organizational bags

They can be vacuum or not, the important thing is that they are excellent for leaving the suitcase more organized and more practical. The vacuum option also allows you to optimize the space in the suitcase, since when taking the air out of the bag, its volume becomes much smaller! It has necessaries from $ 21 also.

Portable scale for suitcases

For those who love shopping and forget the baggage limits, a portable digital scale can help the traveler find a plan B (the famous redistribution of weight between the suitcases) or just prepare it for the same charge. This product can also be easily found in specialized bags stores.

Cushion for neck and other accessories

A great friend for long flights, the neck cushion allows more comfort for any passenger. Usually it is sold as part of a kit, which comes other accessories such as door passport, suitcase tag and eye mask etc. (the set will depend on the store) but can be found to be purchased individually.

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